With roots as deep as 1982, BH & A is one of the leading providers of Structured Settlements in the United States, with an impeccable track record of maximizing returns for injured persons and their families.

We offer same day quotations, settlement conference participation and economic analysis with insights to better the outcome for all parties. Our team of experts includes not only settlement consultants with over 20 years experience, but economic experts, certified life care planners and trust experts. All of these services are provided through the BH & A network to you and our clients.

An international presence with broad experience and respected clientele

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and with offices in major cities across the U.S., Brant Hickey & Associates can respond quickly wherever our clients need us, at home or abroad. Our Structured Settlement brokers travel anywhere to attend settlement conferences, mediations, arbitrations, hearings or client development meetings. Using laptop computers, full settlement proposals can be produced at any time - allowing us to be a seamless part of the settlement process.

We specialize in complex litigation cases in the aviation field, as well as other catastrophic loss cases, including medical malpractice, automobile and product liability with permanent injury and workers compensation claims. A significant portion of our annual caseload stems from cases involving the Department of Justice, military agencies and medical malpractice insurers. Our firm has also worked closely with the largest aviation insurers, defense and counsel on some of the most complex cases for USAir, Avianca, Aeromexico, Korean Air Lines and Pan Am.

Personal Pension Plan...Lifetime Income

BH & A has counselors who can help generate lifelong retirement income…individual pension plans…by converting their assets, whether amassed through 401K loans, savings (IRA) or investment portfolios (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds).With the reductions in employee pension and medical benefits and the volatility of the capital markets, retirees need more dependable, predictable sources of income that last a lifetime. Our experts provide independent financial analysis to custom tailor solutions for each retiree, then offer products that are among the safest. BH & A counselors also have solutions for employers that can enhance their benefits package while reducing pension costs.

Our value proposition is to provide a lifetime income option through the employer where retirees can custom design their own individual pension plan by converting their pension and/or (401K) assets to lifetime income at a significantly lower cost.