Brant Hickey & Associates utilizes highly rated life insurance companies and U.S. Government securities as funding vehicles for structured settlement annuities as specified in Internal Revenue Code 104 (a)(2) and Revenue Ruling 79-220. Life insurance companies that issue annuities are closely monitored by state regulators and have a low risk of insolvency combined with an excellent history of meeting long-term payment obligations.

U.S. Government treasury bonds, bills, and notes can be purchased and held in various trust accounts to provide absolute security of future periodic payments. Backed by the full faith and credit guarantee of the U.S. Government, payment streams can be fixed for up to thirty years into the future.

Activity Reports are constructed on a per client basis illustrating the names, dates, personnel, and status of cases assigned to Brant Hickey & Associates. Used as a management tool the quarterly publication provides a running tabulation of settlement successes and also establishes a database of information which aids in our service performance.